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WOW! Pretty much sums up the experience we had at Thunderdome and If you weren’t there, no words can describe it.

It was two very long days for athletes and staff so I’ll keep tonight’s post brief so I can get some sleep. As a coach and affiliate owner, I could not be happier with the performances of all of our Redline athletes. Your technique, standards, demeanor, attitude and sportsman like conduct was without equal and it was easy to see. For that, I thank you. CrossFit Redline represented itself incredibly well with several podium finishes and a lot of smiles and memories.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some additional photos and finishes from the leader board.


A: EMOM for 8 minutes 3-4 Front Squat @ 20X1 @ 65% of your 1 RM.


3 Rounds for time:

20 Pull Ups

20 Wall Balls

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