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Our podiums from Thunderdome.


Coach Lisa Reddish took Second place in the Masters Ladies Division

Newly minted Coach Patrick Johnson grabbed a Third place spot in the Men’s RX Division

Jayme Heffernan took home a 2nd place finish in the Scale Division narrowly missing 1st place.

Adriana Kaible who competed on a team with friends from other gyms stood atop a 3rd place podium.

Congratulations to each and every one of our athletes regardless of where you finished. Bottom line is, you finished and that makes you amazing. 



A1: Push Press @22X2; 5-7; rest 30 seconds

A2: Burpee Box Jump; 8-10; rest 2 minutes X 3

B: KBS X 12; rest 1 minute (first 30 seconds of rest spent in plank) X 4 sets.

C: Run 200 meters hard, rest walk back, repeat X 4.

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