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07-16-14 “Chipper”

Whether you take the pessimist view of a “Chipper” as something that takes in whole items or people and spits out little chunks on the other end or prefer the optimist’s stance of no matter how tough this looks, I’m going to chip away at it until its done, today is one of those days to tie your shoes up tight, take a deep breath, drop a positive catch phrase on yourself and get to work.


For time: 
Row 1K @ 80% effort 
rest 1min 
Then @ 85% effort 
Run 400m 
30 wall balls  
30 DB walk lunges M-55#  W-35#
30 box jumps w/step down  24″ / 20″ 
30 T2B 
60 DU 
rest 3mins 
Row 1k @ 80% effort

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