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A couple of important class schedule announcements for this week:

Wednesday, we will not have morning Open Gym hours. we will run our normal classes of 5:30 and 7:00 am.  I will be doing a site visit at the Marco Island Mariott for the upcoming Box Battles competition.

Thursday’s 6:30 pm class will be canceled. Please make note.


If you are struggling to nail down the nutrition side of things or simply can’t find the time to prepare the foods you need to improve your lifestyle and your fitness, then you should absolutely consider meals from Catered Fuels. Locally owned by fitness and culinary professionals, Catered Fuels has an extensive menu and is happy to make special adjustments for you on any of their meals. Several meal plans are available and they delivery twice per to CrossFit Redline. Their prices are excellent and the more Redline members sign up for meals, the better the price gets for everyone. More information, menu and contact information are available at the gym. For ordering info or to get started, contact



A: Find your 1 RM Weighted Pull Upp.


3 Sets Hard:

8 Thrusters – add weight each set

8 Burpees

20 Second Row Full Throttle

rest walk 4-6 minutes


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