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Universally, CrossFit is done more by women than men.There could be a number of interesting sociological reasons for this but what I think is more important for us to focus on is that women are strengthening and empowering themselves through CrossFit in a way that can literally change the way the female sex is viewed. Young to not so young are lifting, climbing, pushing and pulling so often and so well that the old phrase “like a girl” is dying…as it should.

Please remember, there is no open gym this morning, only regularly scheduled classes at 5:30 and 7:00. If you show up at 8 for open gym, I can not guarantee you will be able to stay and train.


A: 1 – 10 Push Up Ladder. Every completed rung you must do 2 Wall Balls.

Ex. 1 Push Up, 2 Wall Balls, 2 Push Ups, 2 Wall Balls etc…

B: 50 Sit Ups for time


3 Rounds for time:

12 KBS 

8 Box Jumps w/step down


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