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I could not be happier to announce the amazing weekend of competition turned in by several CrossFit Redline members and Coaches at the preeminant fitness event in Florida, WODapalooza. 

Coaches Jeff and Jordan joined by former Coach Rich took 4th place out of 75 teams in the men’s RX’d Division.

Member Adriana joined by her teammates captured a 4th place finish in the Ladies RX’d

Members Liz and Leann joined by Co-Owner of CrossFit Chosen Nicole grabbed an 8th place spot in the Ladies RX’d Division.

Coach Pat, member Kyle and their teammates Bryan from CrossFit Lawless ended in a tie for 11th place in the men’s RX’d Division. 

Thank you to all of the Redline members and friends who went to the event and cheered on our Teams!!!



4 Minutes @ 80%

10 Box Jumps  (24″ / 20″)

10 KBS

rest 5 Minutes

4 Minutes @ 90%

7 Push Press   (115# / 75#)

7 Pull Ups

rest 10 Minutes

4 Minutes @ 100%

10 Thrusters  (75# / 45#)

7 Burpees

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