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The 2015 CrossFit Games Open begin this week and if you have not already done so, please get yourself registered. We will begin our Friday Night Lights events this Friday immediately after the 4:15 class. More info to come tomorrow on how Friday Night Lights works and how you can be a part of it.

Here are some great points from the Coaches at OPEX for you to consider if you’re competing this year:

The Power of the Mind.

The mind is a powerful weapon.

If training is the vehicle for helping you achieve your goals, your mindset is the gasoline, the fuel, that ultimately gets you there. That being said, the Open is less than 25 days away and if you want to do well this year, you better be preparing your mind.

Over the past 4 or 5 years, OPEX has coached hundreds of athletes in preparing and navigating their way through the annual 5-week Qualifier competition. While many athletes have experienced success through OPEX’s training methodology and coaching, there are several common mistakes we see athletes make year in and year out when it comes to being of the right mind. 

Some of the top mistakes that come to mind include:

Being attached to past year’s results in the Open. This is a new year of competition and the results you had in the Open last year, or any previous years, do not define the possibilities for success this year. If you had a bad workout before that cost you a higher placement, this year’s results can be different for you. Similarly, if you made it to Regionals last year, you have to completely earn that possibility all over again.

Not having a plan during the Open or pushing that plan to the wayside when the Open workouts come out. If you are very anxious leading up to the Open workouts’ release, and then as soon as it’s released a million doubts go through your mind and questions about different strategies abound, then I would suggest signing up for the Open Prep Guide.  It will help guide you create a strategy which is designed for you for each workout. For instance: say your plan is to do the Open workout twice – on Friday and Monday, but you are disappointed with your score on Friday.  Waiting until Monday can seem like forever.  What if you decide to redo it again Saturday even though that wasn’t your plan?  Decisions like this could actually jeopardize your chances of improving your score.

Doubting your training that you have done over the course of the entire year. If you have a coach who determines your overall workout plan for each week, month, and competitive season, don’t take it upon yourself in the days leading up to the Open to decide to add or program some things for yourself. Say you heard a rumor that ‘X’ or ‘Y’ movement was coming up in the first workout, and you haven’t done ‘enough’ of those movements, so you decide to try to add volume to your training program at the wrong time. The days and few weeks leading into the Open should be a phase with higher intensity in the training, and if you are both panicking and adding more training, it can actually be counterproductive and cost you “points.”

That being said, here are 3 Key Points and action steps you can begin takinnow in order to ensure you are mentally ready for February 26th’s first Open workout announcement. 

 Revisit your training logs and remember what you did and how you felt when you had particularly good training sessions in the year. Did you always have a good performance if you were a bit fatigued from the training that you did the day before? Did you perform best when you were wearing your lucky socks? These types of situations should be used as learning opportunities for knowing how to create your best performance.

Take responsibility for the logistics of where and when you are going to perform the Open workout, who is going to judge you, how you are going to video your workout if necessary, AND how that video will be uploaded to the internet. If you have these things taken care of beforehand and don’t rely on someone else for them to fall in place (besides judging you), that reduces a lot of stress around the Open.

Visualize yourself executing flawlessly in scenarios similar to the Open that you’ve experienced in your training. The benefit of seeing yourself succeed in a vision shouldn’t be underestimated as a powerful predictor for competition results. You can visualize this at any time when you have a moment to think about your Open preparation.



Training: Low Intensity

A: Dead Lift 2-3 reps @ 70-80%- w/pauses at 4″ off ground and just above knee; rest 2-3 minutes X 4 sets.

B1: DB Walking Lunges X 12-14 steps; rest 10 seconds

B2: 5 Pull Ups; rest 30 seconds X 5

C: KBS X 12-15 rest 1 minute X 3


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