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Friday Night Lights!

This Wednesday night at the first of the 2015 CrossFit Games Opens workouts will be released to the world. Friday, each class of the day will complete the Opens workout and immediately following the 4:15 class we will begin the heats for our Friday Night Lights event. Heat numbers and approximate start times will be posted on the board, heats will be filled in a first come, first served basis by entering your name into your desired heat. We will provide the judges and score sheets for each athlete, you provide the effort and be sure to cheer for your fellow box mates. Feel free to invite your friends and family to come watch you compete. Don’t forget coolers and food if you like.

If you have not registered yet, don’t wait any longer! Sign up and become part of the action. Redline has a lot registered already but we want more. Once you’re set up, be sure to join Team Redline and have your scores counted towards our team totals.


Our deload, and lowered intensity will continue today as we make our final approach to the Opens. DO NOT cherry pick today and think its not necessary. Today’s workout is as important as any other training day, maybe more so.

Good dynamic warm up


 For 20-30 minutes, “touch” the following movements: 



Push Up

Sit Up

Double Under

Toe to Bar


Box Jump

Perform no more than 5-7 reps of each and no more that 1 minute rowing or pedaling. Keep your effort to a conversational pace, breathing throughout, no forced reps, no grinding. This is simply an easy aerobic workout using multiple movements.

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