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If you are registered for the Opens and have completed 15.1, don’t forget to enter your scores so they can be validated. Don’t wait until the last minute or you risk your scores not being counted.

From OPEX Coach Sharon Prete:

Never Let Fear Fuel Your Performance 

“The law of detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe you have to relinquish your attachment to it.  This does not mean you give up the intention to create your desire, you don’t give up the intention and you don’t give up the desire, you give up your attachment to the result.” –Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

The reason you have attachments to outcomes is because you will think that particular outcome is better than any other option.  This will always be true in your own perception.  If you are really, really attached to that outcome, you will fear the loss of not attaining it.

A basic rule of behavior this:

People only fear the loss of things that they perceive as more positive than negative.

People look forward to the loss of things that they perceive as more negative than positive

It makes sense if you think of it from an evolutionary perspective.  Good equals survival, bad equals not.  This is very primal thinking, very black and white.  I want to play with a higher order perspective here.

The trouble comes when we have an outcome that we’ve attached this positive meaning to, because if we fear the loss of an outcome our behavior will be affected.  We will want to do everything in our power to attain it.  But you know that saying, what you fear or run from you run into?  Well that’s what our behavior does.  Sometimes we create the very conditions for our fears to come true.

Example:  Last year during the opens I came across an athlete who was so worried about not making regionals.  He knew the exact pacing he needed to perform at in order to place well in 14.4.  But because he was afraid of not making it to regionals, he made a choice out of fear to try and string the last 5 muscle ups together and subsequently burnt himself out.  It wasn’t his pace.  He needed to stick to the program–the pace set out by his coach–but he didn’t out of fear.  He was more than capable of making it back to the rower, but he couldn’t get back on the rings to finish it.

His fear was that he wouldn’t make it to regionals.  And because he didn’t get back to the rower, he found himself facing his fear head on.  He didn’t make it.

So to quote Robin’s post from Monday b/c it’s absolutely critical:  “Keep your thoughts on your game plan and YOU, stay present and feel the pressure pass through you.”

This is NOT about giving up your intention or your desire for your outcome.  This is about releasing the attachment to the outcome, not being run by fear and sabotaging your ability to stay in the present and execute your optimal performance.


A: KBS ladder 2, 4, 6, 8 etc…until you no rep- all sets unbroken  (M-53#  W-35#)


8 minutes at 80% effort

5 Box Jumps w/step down

7 Push Press  (95 / 65)

9 HR Push Ups


easy row or air dyne 10-15 minutes

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