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Reminder that due to Chris Costa’s presentation this Friday at 4pm, there will be no 4:15 class and our Friday Lights will be moving to Saturday at 3pm. After we are done with 15.2 you are welcome to join us at our house form some grilling and relaxing by the pool and fire pit. Bring a side and your favorite beverage.



A: Straight Leg Dead Lift 10, 8, 6; rest 2 minutes b/t sets.


EMOM for 18 minutes:

Minute 1- 30 Seconds Wall Ball

Minute 2- 30 Seconds Sumo Dead Lift High Pull  (75 / 45)

Minute 3- 30 Seconds Box Jumps- step down 

Minute 4- Push Press  (75 / 45)

Minute 5- 30 Second Calorie Row

Minute 6- Rest 

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