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Great Job to each and every one of you who completed 15.2 on either Friday or Saturday. That workout is no small task and you handle it beautifully. We will be back to our Friday Night Lights for 15.3 and are looking forward to great turn out so be sure to invite your friends and family and let’s fill the box with support.


If you are feeling the need for a lower intensity day and are still recovering from 15.2- 

A: Row or Airdyne easy pace 12 minutes, get off and do 30 seconds FLR  every 2 minutes.

B: Complete 4 Bear Crawls the length of the gym. Rest as needed between them,

C: TGU- accumulate 20 reps, alternating arms each rep. Not for time.

Do not be tempted to skip this day if you are even the least bit uncertain you are prepared to move forward. You will not lose any fitness taking this option and proper recovery will improve your performance on Friday.


If, you are fresh and ready to go:

A: Build to a tough Thruster double in 10 minutes- does not have to be a 2 rep max.

B: EMOM for 10 Minutes- 2 Power Cleans + 1 Thruster- Moderate but fast load.

C: Row 1 Minute at 90% effort; rest 1 minute X 5.

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