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A: Floor Press 5 sets of 5-7 reps; start light to gain confidence and develop proper movement and build per set. Try and finish heavy.

B1: KBS X 10-12; rest 10 seconds

B2: Toe 2 Bar X 5-7; rest 30 seconds X 5 sets

C: 30 TGU not for time; alt. hands every 2 reps


Floor Press How To:

Lower the supports of the squat rack so they are about arms length from the floor. This will be anywhere from 8-12 holes up from the floor. With a bar bell in the supports, lay down under the bar and line up your eyes with the bar. This may change slightly from person to person. Extend your legs fully. Grip the bar slightly outside of shoulder  width, push yourself into the floor and set your back. Using a spotter, lift the bar from the supports and into position over your chest in line your nipples. Lower the bar slowly until your triceps touch the floor while tucking your elbows at 45 degree angle. Pause for a split second and then forcefully drive the bar up to locked out elbows.

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