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We are very sad to announce that we will be loosing Coach Pat Johnson tomorrow. Pat will be chasing his dreams of moving to Denver to see what the world has for him. We are sad to see him go, if you have been around him you know he is a great person, good friend and just someone you want to be around. Pat will be in Naples for a short time on Monday before leaving for the trip. Short notice did not allow us to have a good bye get together for him. So please reach to him and send your best wishes. Best of luck Pat, we will miss you greatly- thank you for being a part of our team. Your home will always be Redline! Go see the world…it’s waiting.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed our new Coach Jason to the Redline family today. Jason’s passion for CrossFit and helping others as well as his energy was apparent right away. Look for more great classes, workshops and programs from Jason in the future.


Active Recovery Day-

Easy Airdyne or Row 10 minutes- conversational pace

Mobility:  Lower body- hips, quads and hamstrings

                Upper body- shoulders, lats, spine

20 TGU Altn’g arms each rep-

These are Not for time and Not for max load. Make each step of each rep perfect. Remember the TGU is great at shining a spot light on your mobility issues. Take your time and do it properly.


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