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Let me preface this blog post with this: This may end up being the most unique and strange entry ever posted to this site, but bare with me…

I love competition and find myself competitive at just about everything. From Baseball as a High School and College athlete to Jiu-Jitsu to CrossFit. I even get competitive at Corn Hole! As a CrossFit Coach involved in preparing athletes for competition I have always stood behind the idea of “go compete, make yourself vulnerable and you may learn things about yourself you never knew before”. 

Around January of this year, I got the idea to see how a full time CrossFit athlete would do in Men’s Physique contest and began dieting and training to create the best physique I can. I made alterations to my training to bring about changes needed to do well and have been on a strict, weighed and measured diet to support the training.

 For those that don’t know Men’s Physique is new division or subdivision of Bodybuilding where the competitors are judged more on aesthetics and stage presence than they are on the shear size and development of their muscles. There are no traditional bodybuilding type poses either. Instead, the poses are more or less what you might see a fitness cover model do. Lastly, rather than the bikini type posing suits that bodybuilders wear, men’s physique competitors wear board shorts on stage and the general idea is that they present a more fitness based athletic look that is attainable looking.

So, to make a long story short…on Saturday May 16th, I will be taking the stage for my first (and likely last) Men’s Physique contest. The event is being held at the Seminole Indian Casino in Immokalee and is billed as a Vegas Style Show, with entertainment between divisions which will include Bodybuilding, Women’s Figure, Bikini and Physique. My older brother Bill who is a long time competitive bodybuilder will also be competing in the bodybuilding division. This will be his first show as a Floridian. He has competed in New York since 2007. Bill has been instrumental in helping me prepare for this while preparing himself along the way.

I would personally like to invite all of you to the show to experience a different side of fitness and a physical culture that, although primarily focused on aesthetics over function represents an incredible amount of hard work, dedication, willpower, knowledge of the body’s systems and nutrition.

We will go through a pre-judging process the morning of the show where we will be judged on stage as individuals and the judges will make their selections on placements for the finals evening show. The finals evening show promises to be a fun and exciting night with multiple competitors on stage, pose offs, awards and of course the crowd cheering on their friends and loved ones who have dedicated numerous hours to training and sacrificed many family meals to get their bodies to look their best. 

Needless to say, after five months of careful dieting and after a long day of being judged while trying to look our absolute best, we’re going to be ready to kick our heals up and put away a metric ton of food. After the show, we’ll be headed to Bokamper’s to do just that. So please join us there where you can make fun of our amazingly dark spray on tans and watch us eat ourselves into a food coma. Hope to see and hear you all there!

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3 Minute AMRAP:

5 Push Ups

10 Box Jumps

– rest 3 minutes –

3 Minute AMRAP:

5 DB Push Press (M-55# W-35#) 

10 Air Squats

–  rest 3 minutes –

3 Minute AMRAP:


10 Anchored Ab Mat Sit Ups

– rest 3 minutes –

3 Minute AMRAP

Max Burpees


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