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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, if not randomized functional movements executed at high intensity.

We use the term “functional” to describe exercises utilizing movements most representative of natural movement. Functional movements general use universal motor recruitment patterns, recruit in a wave of muscular contraction from core to extremity, move the body or other object effectively and are multi-joint or compound movements. Functional movements are uniquely capable of moving large loads, long distances, quickly.

Our workhorse movements include Deadlifts, Squats, Pull-Ups, Push Ups and Dips, Overhead Presses, Running and Lunging, Cleans and Snatches, Handstands, Throwing, Jumping and some hybrid movements such as the Muscle Up, “Wall Ball” and “Thruster”.

Our “toolbox” contains barbells and dumbbells, bumper plates, Pull Up bars, medicine balls, gymnastic rings, climbing ropes, rowing machines, and some odds and ends like kettle bells, parallel bars and some giant tires.

Our Workouts Of The Day or WOD’s are generally short in duration relative to popular conception of what a workout should be. On average the WOD’s last 15-20 minutes and could involve any or all of the following in any combination: Running, Rowing, Weightlifting, Plyometrics and basic Gymnastics. Conversely, our workouts are much more intense than what most people are used to. It has been said that in a regular “big box” gym you get a 20 minute workout in 2 hours but in a Crossfit gym you get a 2 hour workout in 20 minutes.

The kind of fitness that that CrossFit advocates and develops is broad, general and inclusive. Our specialty is in not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports and life reward this kind of fitness and on average punish the specialist. This encourages athletes to disinvest in any fixed notions of sets, reps, rest periods, order of exercises, routines etc…Nature frequently provide largely unforeseeable challenges; we train for that by striving to keep the training broad and constantly varied.

At CrossFit Redline, we are more than just a gym. We are a community, a support group, a second home for some, salvation for others. Our community lifts its members up and cherishes their success. We are strongest together and we are a family. The Redline Family.