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Frequently Asked Questions….

Q- “I heard CrossFit was hard, should I get in shape first before coming in.”

A- Yes, CrossFit can be hard, but that what makes it effective. Honestly, if you could get yourself into shape, you would have by now. That’s our job. We have the skill and knowledge based to design and implement exercise programs to get you fit. Additionally, being a member automatically gives you a support network of coaches and other like minded individuals seeking the same thing. Don’t wait  to get started or try and prepare yourself…just come in.

Q- “How many days each week should I train to see results?”

A- In general, we see new members attending class 2-3 days a week for their first month. After that it usually becomes 4 days per week and occasionally 5. 

Q-“I heard from a friend that CrossFit was dangerous”.

A- CrossFit itself is not dangerous. Bad Coaching is dangerous. CrossFit Redline prides itself on having the best trained staff of Coaches in the area. Your coach in addition to teaching efficient, quality movement patterns is constantly scanning and assessing the members of their class for fatigue status, technique and safe movement patterns. Our primary goal is making you more fit so we take a do-no-harm approach to each of our members.

Q- “Am I going to be really sore”?

A- Some new members report being sore in their first few weeks with us. Making you sore however, is not the goal. Making you fit is. Learning new exercises and ways of moving is often a little shock to your muscles, especially if its been a while since you have worked out. With time and learning how to take care of your muscles, your soreness will decrease and you fitness will increase.