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When I walked in CrossFit Redline in September of 2014, I had been physically recovering from a severe accident. I had been an athlete my entire life and. I was physically I was a shadow of my former self. Struggling with limited range of motion, balance, and strength issues.   Ohhh, I was also new to Naples and did not know many people.

Anthony and his team of extremely knowledgeable and friendly coaches welcomed me to the community. They took the time to get to know me as a person, and what I was currently capable of.   With an emphasis on safety, form and technique they coached me through my struggles. Their genuine commitment to leading and living a healthy lifestyle is contagious. I am now stronger, faster and in better shape than I ever thought possible. They helped me break through certain limiting beliefs, “The I cant’s.” which were holding me back,   The culture which they have created, is a team sport atmosphere where the term “Great Job” is said with common occurrence. The owners, coaches and the members have truly formed a community which is genuine and expands outside of the box. The coaches are top notch, the athletes are inspiring, the knowledge base and programing is unmatched

This little magical place located in a ware house in Naples is a birthplace of opportunity, change and growth. If you are looking for abs, any Globo Gym will do. However, If you are looking for something more, Where everyone is welcome and accepted regardless of their currently abilities. This includes someone recovering from an accident to Professional Athlete. Welcome to CrossFit Redline, You will certainly surprise yourself with what you are capable of achieving. Thank You CrossFit Redline; you have helped change my life. I am honored to be on this journey with them.

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  1. CF Redline

    Phil, every day you’re the first to arrive for the afternoon classes and one of the last to leave. You greet everyone in the gym, like they are the most important person in room at that moment and there is never a moment we myself or one of the coaches doesn’t find you giving your 100% effort to any task we ask. It is our sincere pleasure to be your gym, your coaches and your friend.

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