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CrossFit is strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, if not randomized functional movements executed at high intensity.

We use the term “functional” to describe exercises utilizing movements most representative of natural movement.

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1 on 1


Small Group One on One training is the fastest way for you to reach your goal. Through a detailed and systematic assessment process we are able to better understand your strengths, weaknesses and needs as an athlete.


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Small Group Training


Experience the benefits of small group training while saving money. Our small group training classes allow from 2 to 5 athletes to work with one of our certified coaches. The support and motivation of a group, with the direction of a coach.


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Large Group and Corporate Training


CrossFit Redline’s coaches have had the pleasure of working with large groups, sports teams and local corporations to assist them in their fitness goals, prepare for an upcoming season and team building. Large group and corporate training is a fun and energetic way to bring a people closer to each other, highlight commonalities and create camaraderie.

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Nutritional Coaching


Want to look, feel, and perform better! We all know how CrossFit helps with that, but a CrossFit class is only one hour, what about the other 23 hours of the day!?The foundation of health and fitness is NUTRITION! No different than your car, the food you use to fuel your body matters.


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